Claude Regnier

Cornwall, Ontario

Claude began coaching team sports in high school. A few years into skateboarding, it became a natural progression to coach skateboarding, as it quickly became a passion of his.

In 1999, Claude came across PESQ, a skateboard coaching program based out of Quebec. He became a certified coach and technical advisor for the program. He has since worked on the development of the Ontario Skateboard Coach Training Program.

Throughout Claude’s skateboarding career, he’s won several national and world slalom championships. He has been part of many skateboarding events, and competed as recently as October 2016. He was President of International Slalom Skateboard Association in 2006/2007 and has served on the Canadian Amateur/Pro-Am Skateboard Association board, among several other boards within the industry.

Claude is now bringing his years of dedication and experience to the ISCP/SKATZ (International Skateboard Certification Program/Stance, Kicks, Axles, Transfers and Zen).


Jay Mandarino

Toronto, Ontario

Jay has always loved teaching kids & youth since he was a camp counselor in high school. At the same time, he learned to ski and became a certified ski instructor and later an SOD certified freestyle ski judge. During the summers he fell in love and became addicted to skateboarding. He was the first person to hippie jump a Ferrari in 1976 and in 1978 came in third in slalom and fifth in freestyle at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). He is the founder of one of the largest skateparks in the world.


Yash Presswalla

Toronto, Ontario

Yash is the founder of Impact Skateboard Club, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote skateboarding and facilitate programming to children and youth, with a focus on community, perseverance, and self-esteem. He has drawn on past experiences to create a vision where kids are given the opportunity to learn, grow, lead, and test their limits in a safe and supportive environment.

Though Impact is a new organization, Yash has been teaching skateboarding for nearly a decade, running a summer camp, group/private lessons, and programming through the City of Toronto and St. Alban’s Boy’s and Girl’s Club. He is also an accomplished and experienced musician and music instructor. Recently he was featured in High Five’s Staff Spotlight (April 2017), and was interviewed on CBC radio about Impact and his experience working with kids.

Yash is also a certified ISCP/SKATZ  Skateboard instructor and a facilitator to certify and teach others.