Sk8 School, Santiago de Surco, Lima-Peru:

“…Our Sk8 School was born with the mission to promote, spread and centralize skateboarding all over Peru. We are a team formed by the best local skaters and talents, whom give all for our students.

It was really great to have Mr. Jay Mandarino teaching us and certifying us on new techniques and having international support by ISCP (International Skateboard Certification Program) SKATZ (Stance, Kicks, Axle, Transfers and Zen)…” – Read the full testimonial here


Regional Municipality of Cape Breton:

“…The program is life changing for our instructors. Building confidence, providing leadership, and taking responsibility for their actions and those of others are elements I have seen first hand in my instructors since we have implemented the training from the International Skateboard Certification Program…” – Read the full testimonial here


Skate 4Life, Peru:

“…The training and program is the best we have seen and we are glad this program was developed specifically for skateboarding… Jay spent extra time with us and we appreciate all his efforts and patience he took with us. His knowledge and many skills he has helped us all to improve and we thank him for taking the time to work with us…” – Read the full testimonial here


Cayman Islands Skateboard Association:

“…Jay is a phenomenal instructor and person. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport is inspiring and contagious. He genuinely cares about the participants of the programme, the
development and engagement of young people. He provided us with the foundation to ensure we succeeded. I would highly recommend this certification program to any skate park, city, municipality or country for any of their staff…” – Read the full testimonial here