Training Update Lima, Peru 2019 with multiple Skate Schools from 14 districts of Peru and Ecuador, Chile and Brazil


In January 2019, Jay travelled to Peru to train and certify 29 skateboard instructors – 1 from Ecuador, 2 from Chile, 1 from Brazil and 25 from 14 districts in Peru – in ISCP (International Skateboard Certification Program)/SKATZ (Stance, Kicks, Axles, Transfers and Zen).

During one of the training courses it was pointed out that Peru’s President, Martín Vizcarra, was watching from across the street so Jay crossed over and introduced himself as a Canadian. Martín smiled and Jay said, “Yes, I know you used to be the ambassador to Canada for Peru and I heard great things about you.” Jay also said, “I love Peruvian people. Now, maybe I’m a little biased because my wife was born here.”

Jay then explained why he was in Peru training the instructors. He mentioned that there were instructors from 14 districts in Peru, all of whom thought very highly of the new President.

Jay asked if he would mind taking a group photo with them and the President was happy to oblige. Two of the local facilitators assisting Jay can be seen in the photo holding their course booklets.

Interestingly, one of the instructors teaches skateboarding to President Vizcarra’s nephew! Note that in South America a teacher is referred to as Professor. So when Jay teaches, he’s the professor of skateboarding – which sounds way better!


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