What are the benefits of skateboarding? Skateboarding improves balance, co-ordination, strengthens muscles, builds self-confidence, motivation, creativity, self-esteem and encourages friendships.

Skateboarding Teaches You

  • self-awareness
  • self-discipline
  • dedication
  • self-worth
  • responsibility
  • engagement
  • determination
  • teamwork
  • to help others
  • mentoring skills
  • to overcome your fears
  • to solve problems
  • to attain goals
  • life skills and social responsibility
  • to manage successes and disappointments
  • to respect others
  • to never give up
  • to relate and interact positively with others
  • to be part of a team and a community that doesn’t judge
  • hope
  • that we all matter!

Skateboarding Provides You With

  • a sense of achievement
  • a sense of belonging to something
  • positive interaction with others
  • a chance to learn new tricks
  • a way to inspire confidence
  • a place to make new friends
  • happiness
  • fun

Skateboarding Helps

  • build self-confidence
  • build character
  • build a higher self-esteem
  • with emotional and behavioral problems
  • develop motor skills
  • develop social skills
  • build physical and mental skills
  • relieve and reduce stress
  • enhance courage
  • build cardio and core strength
  • improve balance and strength
  • with weight loss
  • improve concentration and coordination
  • you stay out of trouble!

Skateboarding Encourages

  • a positive self-image
  • creativity
  • communication
  • camaraderie
  • physical fitness by being active
  • social interaction
  • mental wellness

Skateboarding is a mental discipline with a physical approach, part of the ongoing challenge is to have your mind and body work together and think while you are moving.