Why bring the International Skateboard
Certification Program© to your community?
ISCP© (International Skateboard Certification Program)/SKATZ© (Stance, Kicks, Axels, Transfers and Zen) Skateboard Teaching System is for you if:

You have built a skatepark and are looking for creative ways to increase revenues while service community need…

Increase Revenue & Full Community Need.
Ready made progressive program model and teaching system for you to market and generate revenues from your skate Park.

You believe in consistency and safety in program delivery…

Training & Teaching Lesson Models.
The four level training program will qualify your staff to lead the ISCP/SKATZ© Skateboarding Progressive Lesson System.

A model for safe, affordable program delivery.

You strive to provide youth employment for opportunities for instructors that have a passion for a given activity…

International Youth Development.
Geared for youth, this training and leadership program is just what you need to deliver. Consistent and quality training for skateboard instructors..

You see value in being part of a programming model that is tested and in place in other cities, municipalities, and countries…

Proven Results
Demonstrate to Council and the community your commitment to youth, your customers and skateboarding.