ISCP Skateboard Teaching System

ISCP/SKATZ© SKATEBOARD TEACHING SYSTEM The ISCP/SKATZ© Program is a dynamic progressive teaching system for children, youth and adults with an emphasis on FUNdamentals and safety.

  • For ages 5 and up
  • 4 level progression including leadership training
  • Flexibility to tailor to students individual progress
  • Recognizes key principles of child development
  • Emphasizes fun and learning
  • How to create a lesson plan
  • Stretching exercises
  • Safe Skating comes first!
  • Park etiquette and flow are included!
  • Equipment safety is primary!
  • Includes a healthy lifestyle nutritional education components
  • Progress is measured with incentives and report cards
  • Stance and why it’s important

Stance, Kicks, Axles, Transfers and Zen


A beginning level to learn stance and balance on the board. Working on flatground to develop the techniques of proper pushing and basic board manoeuvres. Safety is primary, parts of the skateboard and introduction to park etiquette are presented.


Continuing to establish balance and basic skills, students move on to introduction of low level flatbanks and through to quarters. Ongoing reinforcement of safety, park etiquette and care


Focus is on developing new skills on various transitions, half pipe and the bowl, extending the skate runs and learning stalls. Mastering ollies, introduction of grinds and speed pumping are also part of the levels. Equipment maintenance, first aid components and skateboard history are included.


Having establish basic skills, students are challenged to transfer these skills and learn new skills in Flatground Fundamentals, Street Slides & Grinds, Fakie, Tricks to Ramps, Nollie & Switch.


The ISCP/SKATZ© process provides a broad knowledge in a variety of different skateboarding safety, etiquette, obstacle, and trick components. Combine all that you know, and add your own style and creativity!