ISCP/SKATZ Advisory Board

Jay Mandarino

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Jay has always loved teaching kids, youth and adults. Throughout high school he started working as a camp counselor in training, later becoming a senior camp counselor working with special needs kids. Later he was a senior camp counselor for Parks & Recreation traveling to different parks developing his own style while learning to teach anyone no matter what obstacle they might face. In the winter he learned to ski and became both a certified ski instructor & freestyle ski judge working at many of the top ski resorts in North America. But skateboarding was his true passion.

In 1976 he was the first person to hippie jump a Ferrari and in 1978 he placed third in slalom and fifth in freestyle at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). Jay founded the CJ’s SKATEPARK, A Not-For-Profit, indoor, climate controlled ,largest skatepark in the world. When skateboarding was introduced in the 2021Olympics, it only made sense to expand the National Certification Skateboard Program which Jay purchased in 2010 as a Not-For-Profit and developed & expanded in the last few years and transformed it into the ISCP(International Skateboard Certification Program) & SKATZ (Stance, Kicks, Axles, Transfers and Zen). This is the most comprehensive certification program in the world and with our esteemed expanded global advisory board we are now in 50 countries & 525 cities and growing. We offer in-class on site certification & training both locally and in other countries as well we offer virtual classes to any one wishing to teach skateboarding via Zoom.

Jay acquired several of SBC Media’s iconic Canadian sports magazines from bankruptcy including SBC Skateboard which is now the top skateboard magazine in Canada. He has written 2 books with all proceeds going to charity the first was a joke book called “CAUSE FOR LAUGHTER” and the other a book on how to skateboard called “RAMP UP”. Both books are available on line and at Indigo book stores in North America.

His philanthropic work has been acknowledged in many editorial articles, letters of praise and with numerous awards including three medals – the Diamond Jubilee Medal from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship from the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, recognizing individuals who, through exceptional long-term efforts, have made outstanding contributions to their communities, and the Order of International Ambassadors Medal. Jay’s motto is failure is not an option and we all need to have fun, enjoy what we do and remember we all learn differently and are unique!

Roger Bruinsma

Canada, Alberta, Lethbridge

I’ve been involved in skateboarding for 35 years, I was a Professional Skateboarder for 3 years in my 30’s .. I’ve competed as a Sponsored Amateur and Professional in street, bowl and vert competitions and placed 2nd in the 2001 World Amateur Vertical Skateboard Championships in Orange, California .. My best Pro placing was 22nd at the Tampa Pro in 2004 in Street .. I’ve helped with skatepark design with all 4 of my local parks .. I own and operate ToplessPizza Skateboards, a 100% skateboard SkateShop in Lethbridge (8th year in operation) .. I co-own SkateboardCanada with my pal Corrie who also lives in Lethbridge, we do Media work and sell our apparel under SkateboardCanada.com .. I’m a board member on the NineBar Foundation, we are a non-profit group with a goal of getting an indoor skateboard training facility in Lethbridge , I volunteer 4 hours a week of lessons to support this cause, as well as advise as a board member .. I volunteer at the University of Lethbridge doing a skate-rock themed radio show once a week – I’ve done this for over 30 years and it has led me to now doing live play by play for our local Professional Baseball Team ( my son plays Bantam Double A Baseball, my daughter also played ) – I’ve been doing the baseball play by play for 8 years .. I still love skateboarding, I was out tonight at my local park with my ghetto blaster having fun

Betty Esperanza

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

First generation Canadian of French- Hungarian descent has been building communities worldwide for two decades through her passion to unite people of all cultures to champion causes in the philanthropic, skateboarding, and arts and culture spheres. She studied diplomacy and business development and marketing while juggling careers as an artist, musician and entertainment manager of Canadian Jazz Musician, Vic Vogel for 10 years, as well as an avid street photographer participating in over 30 International exhibits where some of her black and white series “A BOOK ABOUT DEATH” are archived in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA NY and MoMA Wales), American Art at the Smithsonian Institution and Musee des Livres de Paris to name a few.
She is part of the TED Talks brand and a recent Radio Canada documentary “L’Esperanza de Cuba” tells her story in Cuba about her non-profit, Skateboards For Hope which empowers youth using skateboarding as a tool to break the cycle of poverty. It brought her attention to meet Oprah in 2013 and most recently received the Maria Brown Humanitarian Award for her commendable community work.
Betty has been empowering youth for over 30 years and her purpose is to build safe and happy environments for children.

Sasha Senior

Canada, Ontario, Windsor

My name is Sasha Senior and I’m the proud owner of Bliss Skateboard Shop. We opened our doors in March 2020 and quickly became known in the skateboard industry. As a young adult I could never imagine being the first black woman to open a skateboard shop in North America but I am truly grateful to have this be my purpose in life. Opening Bliss has made me realize how passionate I am about skateboarding and giving back to the community locally and internationally. Besides being an entrepreneur I also serve with the Canadian Armed Forces and raise my two son as best I can. I appreciate everyone’s love and support of the shop and I look forward to its growth as I continue to make contributions in the skateboard world.

Sylvia Rayner

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver

Sylvia is an educator with more than a decade of experience in mental performance training for athletes, performers, and entrepreneurs. She has particular expertise in coaching high risk/adventure sports and endurance athletes. Late to the skateboarding game, Sylvia started at age 31 and fell in love. Besides the raw joy of skating she saw how the sport creates community, provides endless opportunities for creative expression and satisfies risk-taking tendencies, while also building physical strength and mastery. In 2014 she developed the Skatefulness program, combining beginning skate skills with mindfulness techniques, to empower youth and inoculate them against trauma. She is proud to support ISCP/SKATZ on its mission to make a global impact through skateboarding.

Reeve Tsui

China, Hong Kong

Mr. Reeve Tsui Y.L is an accomplished figure in the field of skateboarding in Hong Kong and China. He holds several notable positions, including being the President of the China Hong Kong Skateboarding Federation (C.H.K.S.F) and the head coach of the federation. He began his skateboarding journey in 1989 and has since made significant contributions to the sport.

In 2020, Mr. Reeve served as a TV commentator and sports expert for the Olympic skateboarding games, representing Hong Kong on the international stage. He has achieved numerous firsts and set records for skateboarding in Hong Kong under the C.H.K.S.F. For example, he became the first Hong Kong athlete (skateboarder) to win the gold medal in the 2022 Beijing China skateboarding contest. He continued his success by winning gold in the 2023 Beijing China skateboarding contest and the 2022 Asia X-Game.

In addition to his personal achievements, Mr. Reeve has also been instrumental in promoting skateboarding among women athletes in Hong Kong. He facilitated the participation of the first female skateboard athlete from Hong Kong in training with the China team and representing Hong Kong in the Greater Bay Area China skateboarding contest.

Furthermore, Mr. Reeve’s contributions to the skateboarding community extend beyond his personal achievements. He was the first and only representative from Hong Kong to be invited to the 2023 China skateboarding conference, a gathering of 150 skateboard experts, brand owners, skateboard developers, Olympic judges, coaches, distributors, and skateboard marketers.

Recognizing the importance of youth development, Mr. Reeve and his team have been actively involved in teaching skateboarding at schools. They have already taught over 800 kids and students, including a remarkable case of an 18-month-old child who can already ride around the park. Mr. Reeve believes that sports should have no age limit and strives to inspire individuals of all ages to participate in skateboarding.

In addition to his skateboarding endeavors, Mr. Reeve was invited to attend the “Hand Back China” 26th anniversary ceremony in 2023 as a representative for sports, specifically skateboarding. This event likely commemorated the return of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty in 1997.

Dr. Ebun Akinsete

Greece, Attica, Athens

Dr. Ebun Akinsete is a senior researcher at ATHENA RC’s Sustainable Development Unit and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Greece, as well as a founding partner of Nigerian-based consultancy GEN Sustainable Solutions. With a background in architecture, Ebun holds a PhD in Urban Regeneration and Sustainable Communities.

Her work focuses on the implementation of sustainable development in various contexts, and she has several years of both industrial and academic experience in Europe, Asia, and Africa. She is particularly interested in exploring participatory approaches towards engaging stakeholders and often works in collaboration with governmental agencies, NGOs, multilateral development banks, academic institutions, the private sector, and local communities.

As a skater, she sees the role that skating, along with its related physical and social infrastructure can play in the wider context of building sustainable and resilient communities; particularly in developing nations. The subject of this intersectionality is a recent research interest and drives her work to develop the local skate scene in her native Nigeria.

Mohlomi TJ Tsotsotso

South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg

I was born in February 1992 in the Town of Welkom , Free State which is a mining town also known as the GoldFields. Now based in Gauteng and working formally as a Skateboard Coach/ Instructor and motivational speaker are applied as part of his M.O . Being from a small town, the root of what he believes to spark creativity through and through.

I was introduced to the world of skateboarding as a volunteer through tutoring and later going on to become a skate/educational facilitator at Skateistan SA 17 – 20 to Now currently where I work Diligently for Origii Skate. This Skateboarding Entity is in pursuit of giving access to a community of active skaters to empower them and create jobs for the vastly unemployed youth of South Africa. Skateboarding is a beautiful sport and even more so being in the Olympics .Origii Aims to further the accessibility of the sport in all spaces.

Dr. Paul O’Connor

United Kingdom, Devon, Exeter

Paul is a Lecturer in Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Exeter, UK, and is Adjunct Assistant Professor in Sociology at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. He has been skateboarding for over 35 years and considers skateboarding as one of the most salient aspects of his identity. Paul has been involved in community skateboard work since his late teens and helped fundraise and campaign for a skatepark for his home city in 2001. In the years since he received his PhD in Sociology from the University of Queensland in Australia, and has held teaching positions at two Hong Kong universities, and Charles University Prague. While essentially a Sociologist of religion, Paul has published several pieces of research on skateboarding, most notably his book Skateboarding and Religion (2020).

Paul is particularly passionate about the overlooked aspects of skateboarding and has championed the recognition of skateboarding in Asia. He continues to skateboard regularly and collaborate in both academic and community-based projects.

Dr. Iain Borden

United Kingdom, England, Oxford

Iain Borden is Professor of Architecture & Urban Culture, and Vice-Dean Education, at The Bartlett, University College London. His wide-ranging research includes explorations of architecture in relation to cities & public space, film & photography, and critical theory & philosophy. Authored and co-edited books include Skateboarding and the City: a Complete History (Bloomsbury, 2019), Forty Ways to Think About Architecture (Wiley, 2014), Drive: Journeys through Film, Cities and Landscapes (Reaktion, 2012), Bartlett Designs: Speculating With Architecture (Wiley, 2009), The Unknown City: Contesting Architecture and Social Space (MIT, 2001) and InterSections: Architectural Histories and Critical Theories (Routledge, 2000).

Iain frequently advises on skateboarding culture and skateparks, and has worked on skatepark projects from £50K to £17 million. He has also been an active skateboarder for 40 years.

Warren Stuart

United Kingdom, England, London

I have been skateboarding since the late ’80s, starting in London, U.K. and upon my return to Hong Kong, I was part of the first skateboarding scene here. In 1991, I opened the first skater-owned and run skateboard shop in Hong Kong, BFD skates. This shop became legendary and the real beginning of the skateboarding movement in Hong Kong. Since then I have been an advocate for skateboarding, petitioning the Hong Kong Government to build skateparks and after 30 + years, we have now 14+ skateparks, from fun little parks to SLS certified plazas. I was co-founder of the Hong Kong Federation of Extreme Sports (HKXFED), part of the Asian Extreme Sports Association (AXF), less known in the west as we were the first federations to get skateboarding under the Olympic umbrella, back in 2005 when skateboarding was first included in the Asian Indoor Games, an event under the Olympic Council Asia.

I have judged numerous events in Asia, including events under World Skate, which includes the Asian Games in 2018 and the South East Asian Games in the Philippines in 2019 as well as the 5 STAR World Skate ISO of Street Skateboarding in Quingfeng, Henan China in 2019.

Since 2005, I have designed training programs for Hong Kong XFED, AXF as well as the Hong Kong Federation of Roller Sports (the NSA in Hong Kong) to train and accredit Coaches and Judges. Skateboarding is my passion, my other passion is Training. I have worked professionally for 30+ years in the Hospitality, Aviation and Security Industries in the capacity as a Trainer and Training Manager and I have developed various training courses for all levels from induction courses to management development training. As a specialist in training and a lifelong skateboarder, I hope I can help skateboard coaches develop their coaching and training skills, and hope to learn more along the way, as we all never stop learning.

Heidi Lemmon

United States, California, Los Angeles

I attended University of Hawaii, Banff School of Fine Arts and Santa Monica College. I grew up skiing, riding horses, motorcycles, sailing, snowboarding, flying small planes, photography and later skateboarding. I have 3 children who all skateboard, snowboard, surf and are involved in music and the arts. I live in Venice CA. I founded the movement for public skateparks with Tim Payne and a handful or skatepark builders in 1996. I am on the F.08 committee for ASTM International and we set construction standards for skateparks. I am a worker bee behind the scene; event producer, photographer & organizer.

I also founded the SkatePark Association in 1996 and SPAI Skate Park association International in 2002. Back in 1996, there were only 3 small public parks in the USA and a handful globally. As of 2021 we have over 4,000 skateparks in the USA and over 10,000 globally. The skateboard/skatepark community had been without insurance for almost 20 years when I founded the Skate Park Association. By forming and organization we were able to bring affordable insurance back to the industry which opened up events and contest again. We produced events with city skateparks, allowing for free entry since 1996. Partnered with LAUSD to open afterschool skateparks and currently trying to re-open Le Conte Middle School in Hollywood. Events include the OG Jam Series, Venice Ladies Jam, City of Santa Monica, City of Los Angeles, City of Inglewood and more. Our focus is to provide free assistance to developing countries and assist with athlete visas and organization. I also help produce series and championships such as Venice Ladies Jams, LA Inner City Games, Inglewood Games, Gromfest Canada, Los Angeles Rec & Parks Championship Series 2002, and OG Jam series.

In 2006, we opened Venice Boarding School, the first high school for disenfranchised skateboarders under LAUSD. Accredited the 1st year. USC master’s film program produced a documentary about the school featuring 3 of our students called “Lines” directed by Joselito Seldera.

I am Currently on the board of Bangladesh Street Kids Aid, a 501 c3 nonprofit that takes in street kids, teaches skateboarding and school classes. They are currently working on setting up a home for street kids. I constantly aim to empower the skateboard/skatepark community.

Dr. Jason Gainous

United States, Kentucky, Louisville

Dr. Jason Gainous is the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and a Professor of Political Science at Duke Kunshan University in China. While he is an active scholar having published multiple books and research articles on topics related to information technology and politics, he will tell you that first and foremost he is a skateboarder. He has been skateboarding since the early 80s when he learned to ride vert ramps. Dr. Gainous never quit skateboarding but moved away from vert skating until he decided to get back into it in his late 30s. He hasn’t look back since, now into his 50s.

Dr. Gainous credits much of his career success to skateboarding. It there, as a kid, where he learned the discipline and commitment it takes to be successful at anything. After practicing hour after hour, day after day, year after year, he reached a level of skill at vert skating where he had a nice bag of tricks. He says that this accomplishment gave him both the understanding of the kind of work it takes to master something and the confidence to do so.

It was armed with this knowledge about himself that Dr. Gainous decided to start volunteering with his local skatepark in Louisville, KY. To begin, he and several of his friends adopted the park through the city’s adopt-a-park program. He organized cleanups, and ultimately started helping the city raise money to repair some of the park. In this effort, he came in touch with a not-for-profit (Parks Alliance Foundation), and they contributed to his fundraising efforts. It was not long after that, the Parks Alliance Foundation asked Dr. Gainous to serve on their Board of Directors, where he did so for several years. In this time, he continued to work with the city on helping them manage the skatepark. He helped raise money, helped work on the design of a rebuild, organized cleanups including involving school kids in service projects, and did quite a bit of local media promoting the skatepark.

Dr. Gainous is thrilled to serve as an advisor for the ISCP & SKATZ Program. He is bringing his dedication, discipline, and commitment to this organization in the hopes that he can pass on to another generation his love for skateboarding.

Shelby Lobo Snyder

United States, Nevada, Reno

Growing up in the high desert northern Sierra mountain range, outdoor and thrill-seeking we’re second nature to Shelby. Skateboarding found him around the age of 8, watching a group of older kids play in the parking lot of a grocery store. Once he locked his eyes on the ever so fascinating wheeled apparatus, he was instantly hooked. Fast-forwarding into the future; with even more eagerness to pursue anything outside of the norm. Shelby facilitated getting an education in professional snowboard coaching, biomechanics, and Motorcycles. For him, fun is the utmost priority. Taking from someone who has owned every single Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game. Inspiration & motivation have always come from the basic necessities of playing in front of the convenience store parking lot in the evening with friends and snacks….lots of snacks.

With continuous pursuit in the action sports Realm; Shelby is currently Director of Woodward Riviera Maya. Where he has the opportunity to engage with people around the world and express the love of skateboarding through daily life. Adventure is;
Appreciate, Explore, Discover, Repeat….