Jay Mandarino

Toronto, Ontario

Jay has always loved teaching kids, youth and adults. Throughout high school he started working as a camp counselor in training, later becoming a senior camp counselor working with special needs kids. Later he was a senior camp counselor for Parks & Recreation traveling to different parks developing his own style while learning to teach anyone no matter what obstacle they might face. In the winter he learned to ski and became a certified ski instructor & freestyle ski judge working at many of the top ski resorts in North America. But skateboarding was his true passion.

In 1976 he was the first person to hippie jump a Ferrari and in 1978 he placed third in slalom and fifth in freestyle at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). Jay founded the CJ’s SKATEPARK, the largest Not-For-Profit indoor air conditioned skatepark in the world. With skateboarding now being introduced in the 2020 Olympics, it only made sense to expand the National Certification Skateboard Program which Jay purchased and just in the past few years transformed it into the International Skateboard Certification Program (ISCP)/SKATZ (Stance, Kicks, Axles, Transfers and Zen). It is now in 6 countries and growing.

Jay acquired several of SBC Media’s iconic Canadian sports magazines from bankruptcy including SBC Skateboard which is now the top skateboard magazine in Canada.

His philanthropic work has been acknowledged in many editorial articles, letters of praise and with numerous awards including three medals – the Diamond Jubilee Medal from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship from the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, recognizing individuals who, through exceptional long-term efforts, have made outstanding contributions to their communities, and the Order of International Ambassadors Medal. Jay’s motto is failure is not an option and we all need to have fun and enjoy what we do!

Aaron Barton

Orillia, Ontario

Aaron started skateboarding when he was 16 years old. Growing up in the print industry, Aaron opened Screen Machine Promotions just 2 years later. Screen Machine offers screen printing, embroidery and promotional products in his home town Orillia, ON and surrounding areas. When Aaron opened up shop, he dedicated an area of his shop to an indoor skateboard park, calling it Souldiers. Aaron created this space to give the youth (like himself at the time) a safe and positive place to skateboard all year round. Since then, Aaron has moved to a larger facility to expand his indoor skate park (as well as his print shop) for his community. Since becoming a certified ISCP/SKATZ instructor & facilitator, Souldiers now offers lesson programs to introduce skateboarding to more youth within the community.

Growing up in both team sports and skateboarding, Aaron knows the value in staying active and the added benefits of skateboarding like increased self-confidence, being part of a community and using skateboarding as a creative outlet.

Currently, Aaron operates his print business and indoor skate park and multiple Souldiers shop locations throughout Northern Ontario. Aaron enjoys taking on new business ventures and exploring new opportunities in both the printing industry as well as through skateboarding.

When Aaron isn’t running his businesses or skateboarding, he’s spending time with his family.

Alberto Montes Toledo

Santiago de Surco, Lima-Peru

Alberto Montes was a professional skateboarder for over two decades . He opened his own skateboard school where he now teaches others about the great sport he loves so much. He is recognized locally and travels all over teaching skateboarding. He has several instructors that work in his skate school and they perform demos and lessons all over the country.

Alberto has a passion for teaching others and enjoys teaching one of the greatest sports around.

Alvaro Llamosas

Peru, Lima, Miraflores

Alvaro has been skateboarding since he was 14 years old and has become a very accomplished skateboarder and instructor teaching others the sport he loves. He enjoys teaching so much he started his own skateboard school called “Skate 4 Life “.

He trained and hired 9 of his own instructors as they travel and teach at all the local parks doing private& group lessons. All his instructors are certified in the International skateboard certification program and Alvaro is facilitator in the same program.

Not only is he a very great teacher he is an extremely talented skateboarder and won several local skateboard contests and is well respected in the South America community. He is also a member of the APS (Peruvian Skateboarding Association).

Claude Regnier

Cornwall, Ontario

Claude began coaching team sports in high school. A few years into skateboarding, it became a natural progression to coach skateboarding, as it quickly became a passion of his.

In 1999, Claude came across PESQ, a skateboard coaching program based out of Quebec. He became a certified coach and technical advisor for the program. He has since worked on the development of the Ontario Skateboard Coach Training Program. Throughout Claude’s skateboarding career, he’s won several national and world slalom championships. He has been part of many skateboarding events, and competed as recently as October 2016. He was President of International Slalom Skateboard Association in 2006/2007 and has served on the Canadian Amateur/Pro-Am Skateboard Association board, among several other boards within the industry.

Claude is now bringing his years of dedication and experience to the ISCP/SKATZ (International Skateboard Certification Program/Stance, Kicks, Axles, Transfers and Zen).

Hermel Javier Robelli Cardenas

Gge, Ecuador

Javier is a professional skateboarder and has been skateboarding for almost 2 decades . He is a current a national champion in Ecuador and has competed in many internal qualifiers and will be heading to the Olympics in Tokyo 2020. When he’s not competing or skating you can find him teaching as a skate instructor which he has been doing for last 3 years . He is a certified instructor and facilitator in the (ISCP) International skateboard certification program/ (SKATZ) Stance, kicks,Axles Transfers & Zen and enjoys teaching others

Andrew Beerer

Maui, Hawaii

Andrew has been skateboarding for over 30 years of his life and is absolutely passionate about all aspects of the sport and culture. He founded and operates “Aloha Skateboards” which is one of the top skateboard shops in all of Hawaii located in Maui. He is married and has 2 children, who both enjoy surfing and skating with their dad.

When he’s not with his family or running his skate shop, he gives of his time to help the community . He has served on numerous local committees and helps design and advocate safe skateparks. Andrew is the creator of the Maui Skateboard Series which has hosted more than 100 skateboard events on the islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai. He is continually supporting and encouraging children and youth to skateboard.

Jordan Helmer

Maui, Hawaii

Jordan has also been skateboarding since he was a little kid. His dedication to “time on board” has made him an excellent skateboarder and instructor.

Jordan is an all-around athlete, an expert surfer, and an incredible skateboarder performing all sorts of difficult tricks. He loves to get involved and always gives his time to others and help them with their skateboarding skills. Not only is he a skilled rider but also he is a good instructor, and has a great attention to detail and the kids and youth love taking lessons from him.

Edwin Velez

Tampa, Florida

Edwin has over 20 years of Professional skateboarding experience.

He is chief of operations at Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT), the most recognized indoor skate park in all of North America and Home of the legendary DamAm contest. Edwin not only has great Skateboard experience but also has great business skills which have made him and the park successful.

Tim Gasiorski

Tampa, Florida

Tim has over 20 years of skateboarding experience.

He has worked at the best facilities in the world and organized many contests throughout the east coast.

He has worked as the Action Sports Director and Lead instructor at Woodward Skate Camp for many years and now is in charge of all the operations and programming of lessons and camps at Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT) one of the foremost Premium indoor skate parks in all of North America and certainly legendary in the world of skateboarding.

Jeff Conyers

Chicago, Illinois

Jeff Conyers has been skateboarding since he was 10 years old. He has always had a passion and love for this great sport and enjoys sharing his skills with others.

Jeff is a great teacher and for the past 10 years has opened his own indoor skatepark in the Chicagoland area and has a skateshop in his hometown of Naples FL and has been quite successful with it.

He has his own skate team and he himself used to compete in the Skatepark of Tampa competitions in the 90’s when he was younger.

He loves helping youth through the sport of skateboarding and giving back to his community at the same time. He and all his instructors are now certified in the (ISCP) International Skateboard Certification Program / (SKATZ) Stance,Kicks,Axeles,Transfers and Zen. Jeff is also a certified facilitator in the program as well .

AJ Kohn

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

I am having the most fun when I am skateboarding! I have been Skateboarding for 30+ years, teaching for 15+ Years and promoting / organizing/ demoing for 24 years. I have been Pro since 2004 and currently ranked 3rd in the US for Pro Freestyle Skateboarding. Skateboarding has allowed me to travel the world, develop products and services, taught me a lot about life and made some great friends! Over the years I competed in events such as Tampa Am and Beast of the East with my highest placing being 5th in the nation for amateur street skateboarding. When I went to college for Industrial Design I got heavily involved in developing / organizing and promoting the resurgence of modern freestyle skateboarding as well as becoming a member of the legendary Beast of the East contest Series as a MC and event organizer. In 2001 I ran my first World Championship and placed 4th in the Amateur division. Over the years I have helped run or have organized World level Freestyle events, top amateur events, touring promotions, developed patented products and developed & performed the first Skateboard Science nationwide tour! To date I have performed in 2000+ skateboard shows and up to 370 skateboard shows per year.

In 2006 I embarked on a journey to develop what has now become The Skateboard Academy of Philadelphia. This is a labor of love and fills a void in the skate scene in Philadelphia of having an indoor space accessible for everyone to enjoy and learn! Now we have been in over 50 recreational centers, have 50 completes and helmets all free for the students to use. We have developed and implemented a STEAM based skateboarding curriculum, built a fully customizable modular indoor temperature controlled training facility, 4-5 pop up park locations throughout the city of Philadelphia, reach out to 1000-1500 inner city youth each year, a youth / adult worker training program and work with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, Abington PA Parks and Rec, Pennsauken NJ Recreation, Girl Scouts of PA, The Franklin Institute of Philadelphia and Camp Airy Louise in MD. We currently teach community style weekend programs, after school, home school skate clinics, private / group lessons, school assemblies, corporate shows as well as coach up in coming amateur and professional talent.

Matt Williams

Toronto, Ontario

Matt started skateboarding when he was 12 years old. Back then, he rode for a local board shop down in the USA where he grew up. Later he became part of the Rail Skate Park (since closed) and he was there for several years. He is an excellent skateboarder and is always learning new things while staying in shape at the same time.

Fast forward to today, he’s heavily involved in the Special Needs Program at CJ’s SKATEPARK to help remove barriers for children who want to get involved in skateboarding. He is an incredibly talented teacher who understands children with any challenges and in a fun safe way, bonds with them and helps them succeed. He is also certified in the ISCP/SKATZ Certification Program and is trained in CPR and First Aid.

When Matt isn’t skating, you can find him on his motorcycle or expressing some creativity with graphic design. Aside from that, Matt helps with SBC Media to bring fresh content to Canadians across 7 action sports publications including his personal favorite, SBC SKATEBOARD. Skateboarding is clearly a passion for Matt and he loves it!

Mike Tredree

Toronto, Ontario

Mike Tredree has been involved in Ontario skateboarding since 2000. He is a certified instructor and facilitator in the (ISCP) International skateboard certification program/ (SKATZ) Stance, kicks,Axles Transfers & Zen. Always representing a positive mentorship to others while he’s teaching, he has a passion for helping others succeed. He also volunteers and helps develop the sport within the community organizing and promoting Skateboard contests throughout the province of Ontario.

When he’s not teaching others or skateboarding, he is at his full-time job as an Environmental Scientist.

Michael Myles

Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman

I grew up in George Town, Grand Cayman. After earning the Leadership Award and Sports Person of the year for the Cayman Islands High School in1990, I earned a four-year football Scholarship to Lindsey Wilson College, Kentucky USA in 1991.

I graduated in May 1995 with a BA degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Social Work and counseling. I returned to the island in 1995 and worked with the department of Social Services. I have represented the Cayman Islands for fifteen (15) years at an international level in football. Two (2) of the greatest achievements being the qualifying rounds of the 1998 World Cup and receiving the ranking of the best youth goalkeeper in the Caribbean at the age of eighteen (18) by CONCACAF.

My life and passion has always been to serve vulnerable young people and their parents on our island.

Pablo Vera

Chile, Santiago, Concepcion

Ulf Bein

Toronto, Ontario

Ulf has been part of the CJ family for over three decades, before the skatepark was born. Graduating with a degree in imaging technology at Ryerson, he ran his own graphic arts and photography business for many years, becoming a client of CJ Graphics in the late 80s for his design company, before moving to teaching in the arts.

Ulf has been with the skatepark from the very beginning, even before it was officially a skatepark. He connected with skateboarding before the park existed by bringing his three daughters to the ramps inside Jay’s printing plant on weekends. Soon, they started as volunteers helping other kids learn on the two ramps. Once the CJ Skateboard Park and School was officially built, they worked as coaches and instructors. Sierra, Savannah and Aliya have filled multiple roles at the park and helped empower other women skaters to grow and join the skate community.

Ulf also became a facilitator and completed the International skateboard certification program himself several years ago. He now sits on the advisory board of the largest not-for-profit indoor skatepark and continues looking for ways to give back to his community and nurture other families to find a community at CJs as his family did.

Savannah Bein

Toronto, Ontario

Savannah started as a volunteer at CJ’s SKATEPARK and then worked part time and full time teaching all kids including at risk youth and those with special needs. For over 10 years . She then became a certified instructor in the ISCP/SKATZ Certification Program and after that became facilitator teaching other instructors. She loves teaching young woman and has become a great role model, for all girls who just want to have fun skateboarding like herself. As well she learned to sign language and was part of a deaf program that CJ’s SKATEPARK partnered with the Bob Rumball center for the deaf up north.

“She is an amazing young woman and to watch her evolve over the past decade to become a very passionate instructors and an incredible ambassador for Skateboarding has been very inspiring quoted by Jay Mandarino founder & Senior Facilitator at ISCP/SKATZ Certification Program and President/Founder of CJ’s SKATEPARK!

In her words she says, “Not only have I grown as a certified instructor but this organization has helped me grow as a skater and experience new things and meet new people.”

Yash Presswalla

Toronto, Ontario

Yash is the founder of Impact Skateboard Club, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote skateboarding and facilitate programming to children and youth, with a focus on community, perseverance, and self-esteem.

He has drawn on past experiences to create a vision where kids are given the opportunity to learn, grow, lead, and test their limits in a safe and supportive environment.

Though Impact is a new organization, Yash has been teaching skateboarding for nearly a decade, running a summer camp, group/private lessons, and programming through the City of Toronto and St. Alban’s Boy’s and Girl’s Club. He is also an accomplished and experienced musician and music instructor. Recently he was featured in High Five’s Staff Spotlight (April 2017), and was interviewed on CBC radio about Impact and his experience working with kids.

Yash is also a certified ISCP/SKATZ Skateboard instructor and a facilitator to certify and teach others.

Dennis Nerpio

Vancouver, British Columbia

Dennis Nerpio Founder and President Surf’s Up for Autism (SUPA Society) I have been active most of my life playing organized team sports excelling in football. But as far as I can remember surfing and skateboarding always intrigued me as a child. I got my first skateboard in the late 70’s. I began surfing and snowboarding in my early 20’s.

I am also the founder of SUPA Society. We run free events for kids with Autism and their siblings and teach them surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. This was started when my son was diagnosed with Autism at age 4.5. He himself surfs, snowboards and skateboards.