Next ISCP & SKATZ level 1 courses will be:

January 15th 8am-1:30pm EST

February 19th 8am-1:30pm EST

March 26th 8am-1:30pm EST

Thank you for your interest in the ISCP & SKATZ Program on how to be a great certified skateboard instructor!

Please email jay@iscpskatz.com for more registration information.

We took over the NSCP (National Skateboard Certification Program) approximately 11 years ago which was originally developed & researched with government grants by the town of Newmarket Sports & Recreation Department in Canada who did an amazing job.

Our team continues to evolve and add to the existing program using new materials and research and have expanded it into the ISCP (International Skateboard Certification Program) & SKATZ (Stance, Kicks, Axels, Transfers & Zen).

Here are 2 small video clips from a certification program I ran in the fall of 2019 for Skateistan in Johannesburg South Africa. I had the honour of training & certified 12 Instructors and 6 of those became Facilitators to teach/certify others in the program in their geographic regions of the world.

We were all thrilled and pleased with the course and hoping these short video clips gives you a little more insight about the Program. We also last month launched our 1st virtual course with 5 countries and 16 people attending and it went great.

For us it’s all about having a standardization that everybody can follow so that we can develop and make skateboarding one of the best action sports out there!

With the Olympics we are getting daily requests from around the globe to train and certify instructors. We are now in 30 countries, 375 cities and growing.

Countries, Municipalities, Parks & Recreation Departments, Sports organizations are reaching out to us to both certify Instructors and train Facilitators so that they can offer the courses to others in their geographic regions.

Skateistan ISCP& SKATZ Course Day 1 (2 min 26 seconds)

Skateistan Interviews ISCP& SKATZ final Day (5 min 44 seconds)

Please feel free to reach out and email any questions you may have.

Below is our Mission Statement and a few links on myself and the work we do outside of the certification program helping others!


The International Skateboard Certification Program© is a framework committed to assisting children and youth to learn the art of safe skateboarding while developing the skills required to teach the sport through:

– Developing and maintaining a high level of safe, practical, experience and knowledge of skateboarding.
– Developing the skills required to become a confident and knowledgeable skateboard Instructor.
– Training and mentoring students & Instructors to develop their knowledge of skateboarding.
– Meeting a high standard of quality skateboard instruction that parents and students can feel confident about.

PS. See the clips below where we have helped others thanks to you our volunteers ,staff and our corporate clients.

Here is a video message from Actor and Executive producer if TV series “SWAT” by Shemar Moore to Jay & CJ’s (1 min)

Check out CJ’s New Vision Impaired and Blind Skate Program Video link (2 mins)

CJ’s “Kids Being Kids” a free program for kids and their families affected by cancer (3 mins)

Canadian National Television News Segment Dec 30th 2019 interview with “Jay founder of CJ’s” (2 mins)

CP24 featuring CJ’s SKATEPARK (15 mins)

See comments from a few of the past attendees in 2021.

Hey Jay,
Thanks for running that clinic! It was awesome my coaches are stoked and got a lot out of it!!

– Max Leabman Progression Manager, Woodward Park City (Utah USA)

Good morning, Jay ..
Thanks again for sharing your program with us yesterday, .. I’d love to have you as a guest on SkateboardCanada, I do a show, you can see previous episodes on our YouTube channel under SkateboardCanada .. would help expose more folks to what you do. Let me know if you’re interested and when you’d be available ..
take care!

– Roger Bruinsma ⭐️🌞 (Alberta Canada)

Thanks again Jay for emailing and getting me involved in this opportunity.
You’re an inspiration to the community in the GTA, around the world, and the skateboarding community everywhere will continue to grow thanks to your initiatives. With everything moving online, and being what it is, I thought the course was well done, and the discussions were meaningful and insightful. The content was very informative and organized in a logical way that made sense for those who may not understand children in relation to developmental learning skills and understanding their world view. I don’t doubt everyone learned not only from the course but gained some different perspectives of how people everywhere connect with skateboarding.
Take care, and I’m sure we’ll communicate soon.

– Mike (Burlington, Ontario Canada)

Hello jay
here is my test This first course was really amazing, I’m already looking forward to the next phase. Thank you so much for everything.

– Giovanni (Sao Paulo ,Brazil South America)

Hi Jay,
Completed test attached. Thanks so much for the opportunity to join the course! That was so informative and I learned a ton. It was also amazing to see people from so many different places learning together.
Take care and talk soon

– Sylvia Rayner-(Vancouver BC Canada)

you are inspiring and a great mentor.
This was the best – and extensive!
Thank you! Thank You again for letting me apart of this.

– Betty Esperanza (Montreal QC Canada)

Please email jay@iscpskatz.com for more registration information.