Our next virtual live certification online course are via ZOOM and are moderated live by myself and there will be other instructors from other countries/cities joining us as well.:
Please Check our home page for the upcoming dates & times for next certification courses …
Please fill out the attached editable/fillable PDF and then save and email me back at jay@iscpskatz.com.
No handwriting just fill in on your laptop/PC/Apple etc.

We purchased the National Skateboard Certification Program in 2010 through our Not-For-Profit Canadian Skateboard Park & School Association from the town of Newmarket Sports & Recreation Department in Canada.
Our team continues to research, update adding new material which it is now evolved as the ISCP (International Skateboard Certification Program) & SKATZ (Stance, Kicks, Axels, Transfers & Zen).

Since the introduction of Skateboarding at the Japan Olympics we are getting daily requests from around the globe to train & certify Skateboard instructors. We are now in 45+ countries, 875 cities and growing. Countries, Municipalities, Parks & Recreation Departments, Sports organizations are all reaching out to partner with us to both certify & train Skateboard Instructors.
The ISCP & SKATZ have partnered with CATT (Concussion Awareness Training Tool) to offer a free online certification course to all Instructors/Coaches & Athletes

Here is a short video clip from a certification program we ran for Skateistan in Johannesburg, South Africa, where we had the honour of training & certifying 12 instructors. Skateistan ISCP & SKATZ Course Day 1 – 2 min 26 seconds

Here is a short interview link that was done while we were in Barbados certifying 5 instructors and 1 facilitator & promoting their new skatepark & tourism!!!

Here is a link to our homepage where you can find additional details about our organization, programs, and resource tools etc.

How To Register & Pay:

For payment, please send email which date you would like to take the level 1 course and fill in the editable/fillable attached “Get To Know You Form” PDF.
The course fee is $100 Canadian which is discounted to $50 Canadian to anybody in the industry which includes admin staff, volunteers or instructors.
Please send it by E-transfer to my cell at 416-571-4843 if you are in Canada and if you are outside of Canada email me via Pay Pal to jay@cjgraphics.com. If you can not afford the cost please email us as we have funding for several people as we are a Not-For-Profit organization.

ISCP & SKATZ Mission Statement:

The International Skateboard Certification Program© is a framework committed to assisting children and youth to learn the art of safe skateboarding while developing the skills required to teach the sport through:

– Developing & maintaining a high level of safe, practical experience & knowledge of skateboarding.
– Learning childhood development from young kids to teenagers.
– Developing the skills required to become a confident & knowledgeable skateboard instructor.
– Training and mentoring instructors to develop their knowledge of skateboarding.
– Learning how to make a successful lesson plan.
– Meeting a high standard of quality skateboard instruction that parents & students can feel confident about.

See some reviews from previous attendees:

Hey Jay, Thanks for running that clinic! It was awesome and my coaches are stoked and got a lot out of it!!
– Max Leabman, Progression Manager, Woodward Park City (Utah, USA)

Mr. Jay, Inspiring, fun, educational, collaborative and glad to be part of this amazing world-class organization.
– Warren Stuart (UK)

Thanks again Jay for emailing and getting me involved in this opportunity. You’re an inspiration to the community in the GTA, around the world, and the skateboarding community everywhere will continue to grow thanks to your initiatives.
With everything moving online, and being what it is, I thought the course was well done, and the discussions were meaningful and insightful. The content was very informative and organized in a logical way that made sense for those who may not understand children in relation to developmental learning skills and understanding their world view. I don’t doubt everyone learned not only from the course but gained some different perspectives of how people everywhere connect with skateboarding. Take care, and I’m sure we’ll communicate soon.
– Mike (Burlington, Ontario, Canada)

Hello Jay, attached s my test for the first course level 1. It was really amazing. I’m already looking forward to the next level.
Thank you so much for everything.
– Giovanni Pimentel (Network Brazil)

Hi Jay, Thanks so much for the opportunity to join the course! That was so informative and I learned a ton. It was also amazing to see people from so many different places learning together.
Take care and talk soon.
– Carlos Mendosa (Aguascalientes, Mexico)

I am so glad that ISCP have me in the team .The course was great and Jay’s enthusiastic moderation was very well and the course was extremely well done with lots of information and we had 14 instructors on this course and all were all happy to participate… and I am willing to help more coaches in Asia.
Thank you so much for everything.
– Mr. Reeve Tsui Y.L, President of China Hong Kong Skateboarding Federation

Jay, you are inspiring and a great mentor. This was the best – and extensive! Thank you again for letting me a part of this.
– Betty Esperanza (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Thank You and make it a great day!

Rick Mercer 30-second shout out for our Not-For-Profit CJ’s SKATEPARK
YouTube: https://youtu.be/pPmbqG4qzcY

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President & CEO

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The International Skateboard Certification Program (ISCP/SKATZ©)
A division of the Canadian Skateboard Park & School Association
(A Not-For-Profit Corporation)